Friday, April 23, 2010

My latest painting - from beginning to end...

My latest painting is called 'Links in Blue and Brown'.

I started by laying on really wet paint, and then used a paper towel to smudge and remove the excess paint.

Then I added a few more colors, and used some dissolve and drip techniques to create a stone-like appearance.

Finally, I added the mod shapes and linked them together with raised white paint. I finished by painting the edges a dark brown and applying a protective varnish.

You can see more original artwork in my etsy shop.


  1. Nice piece! Love the natural, earthy colors!

  2. perfect timing, i think i'll do a post on my paulaartonetsy blog and then do the big blammy whammy on the artisans one tomorrow :)
    fun to see how you make such perfectness out of such abstraction.

  3. Congratulations! You've just won the Sunshine Award! Go to my blog to get your flower!