Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is springing up everywhere!

Come on sunshine!
We've had a few days of continuous sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest and it's beginning to wake up all the tiny buds. Our flowering plum tree is waking up nicely. We have another one of these trees in the backyard and one night last summer I heard a ruckus in the backyard. We live near a wooded greenbelt, so we often get our fair share of critters. Well, sure enough, a family of fat racoons had climbed the tree and were munching away on the hard little plums. I shined a flashlight on them, but they were not deterred. Even my dandy lion housecat Petey tried to frighten them, but it was no use. I see their little footprints every now and then in the flowerbeds, and I bet they are just counting the days until plum season...

Monday, February 1, 2010

I wish I could sing...

This youtube mashes up my two favorites: The Black Keys and Jack Johnson. Wow, that kid can sing!