Monday, March 8, 2010

Sun and Fun in Fremont

We had such a sunny and warm day here on Saturday, so my hubby, son and I went to Fremont for some lunch and browsing. The hip and funky Fremont neighborhood in Seattle is the self-proclaimed 'Center of the Universe'. It's a tourist destination, sure, but there are also enough locals to keep it from feeling too touristy. There is an assortment of eccentric shops, art galleries, record stores, and always something new to see. There used to be a restaurant that served cereal all day. Last time we were there, the special was Cap'n Crunch. I didn't see that place this time.

We had wonderful gyros at Costas Opa and then walked along the canal and went window shopping. We visited the statue of Lenin, found this weird fry guy (eating his own head?) and had a great time visiting several junk shops.

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