Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow, I'm a blogger...

Blogging.... This is all new stuff to me. I'm not sure if I knew what blogging was a few months ago. Not even sure if I know what it is now...

However, since I opened up my Etsy shop, I have discovered some fabulous, creative people and their blogs, so I am inspired to start one of my own.

I will most likely ramble on about movies, skiing, the trials and tribulations of tearing an ACL, my obsessive-compulsive cat, things to do in Seattle, the joys of breakfast cereal, music and concerts, art, being over 40, Etsy, teenagers-and why we shouldn't kill them, bad hair years, Lysol spray is not aromatherapy, gardening, and why it's now ok if I go out in public with paint under my fingernails.

Come on and follow me on this new blogging adventure! I'd love to have you!

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